New Art Festival 2017

I'm pleased to announce that I will be participating in this year's New Art Festival, Central Park in the Glebe, June 10 & 11, 2017.

Look for me at Booth #174!


Written by Kat Jette — May 16, 2017

New Art Show 2016

Come see me at the New Art Show! This weekend, June 11 & 12 at Central Park in the Glebe, Ottawa. My booth is #47, located just off the Bank Street entrance. See you there! 


Written by Kat Jette — June 06, 2016

OZ Kafé February 2016

Reflection II, 2015, acrylic on wood, 10" x 10"

This piece and many of my new works will be featured in a new show at the lovely OZ Kafé - 361 Elgin Street, Ottawa. 

The show will run from February 21 - March 13, 2016. 

Vernissage details to follow!


OZ Kafe Website

Written by Kat Jette — September 29, 2015

Ottawa Life Magazine

I am delighted to have been featured in a article in this September/October edition of Ottawa Life Magazine. Hear my thoughts about my craft, and the thriving Ottawa art scene.


OLM: What drew you to painting abstracts?

Jetté: As much as I wish to be gifted at figurative drawing, it has never been my forté. I am completely obsessed with colour. How colours mix together to create an emotional response guides my work. While at University, I was able to really experiment with abstraction in my paintings. I found myself naturally organizing my canvases in a certain way: I like to have a horizon line, and weight and balance that mimic landscape. Though my work can be called abstract, they are very much rooted in the natural world.

OLM: What are some of your favourite landscapes to paint?

Jetté: Though I am influenced by images of the Canadian North, (mountains, snow, northern lights), my paintings are my own imaginings. I love to play with colours that are unexpected, like a snowy landscape with gold peaks, or an alien purple sky. I like to create another world that the viewer can get lost in. Iridescent paint is one of my favourite tools to use, and it is very rarely seen in Fine Art. I add a touch of whimsy to my pieces that are compelling and unusual.


OLM: What are you feelings on Ottawa’s art community? Can some improvements be made to it?

Jetté: Ottawa, although the capital of Canada, is not known for its flourishing art scene, and that is a shame. When I was in school, my professors were constantly telling us “if you want to make it, you have to move to Montreal, Toronto or B.C.” ­ and I felt like they were just furthering the stigma instead of trying to cultivate the scene.

To say that there are no good artists or venues in Ottawa is a complete lie. We have wonderful galleries like Cube, Orange and Saw and almost every restaurant or coffee shop encourages artists to show in their space. I think people’s attitude about Ottawa being only a government town needs to change so that the rest of Canada can take notice!

See more at OttawaLife.com

Written by Kat Jette — September 29, 2015

The New Art Festival


Join me this weekend for The New Art Festival.  
My work will be featured along side over 150 artists.
Come and see the best that the Capital has to offer! 



Booth #109!!



The New Art Festival Website


Written by Kat Jette — June 18, 2014

NFAL Spring Art Sale



This year, my paintings will be featured at the 

Nepean Fine Arts League 50th Anniversary 

Spring Art Sale

 The Ukrainian Banquet Hall, 1000 Byron Ave, Ottawa Ontario. 

March 21-23, 2014

Come peruse the works of many talented Ottawa artists and vendors,
and be sure to come see me at booth #37!



Click here for more information about this exciting sale.


Click here to get an e-vite to the Nepean Fine Art League’s 50th Anniversary Spring Show and Sale.


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Written by Kat Jette — March 09, 2014

Art & Science Journal

Art & Science Journal is a student-run publication about the wonder that occurs when fields collide. Based in Ottawa, Canada, the publication focuses on artworks that deal with themes of science, nature and technology.

- from their second issue.  


An article about my work was featured in this month's issue;


"Evoking a sense of sublime solitude, Kathryn Jetté’s abstract landscapes confront the viewer with an element of pensive melancholy. Working primarily with acrylic on wooden board, she blends striking earth tones with shimmering strips of landscape. While these abstract compositions remain ambiguous in nature, their connection to nature is irrefutable.

In her painting Cross Currents (2012), Jetté presents a rich, overgrown landscape, so lush, so tactile that viewers can almost smell the moss and feel the warmth of natural, ambient light. Her attention to shadows and the filtration of sunlight leaves a passing sensation. Cross Currents truly captures the moment; the fleeting passage of time as an instant of incandescence flashes before our eyes. In her work Shadow in the Light (2011) Jetté manipulates cold blues, purples, and grays into a frosty arctic landscape devoid of any life. While many of her other landscapes seem inviting and positive, this lonely piece reminds viewers of the sad state of our arctic environments.

These works make clear reference to the Impressionist canon by their technical play with light and abstract treatment of landscape. Exemplified by a dedication to capture a single instance, the Impressionists focused heavily on the portrayal of landscape as it changes throughout the day. Yet Jetté’s work differs fundamentally and resists strict Impressionist interpretation because these pieces are more heavily abstracted and linked to no specific geography. Therefore the setting is not specified but rather formed through individual opinion, imagination, and recollection. The value in her heavy abstraction of image and subject results in a freedom of interpretation; viewers choose the occasion for themselves, often relying on the power of individual recollection. In this way, Jetté’s pieces become personal and private moments of memory and solitary contemplation."

by Emily Kennel


Download your free journal here: http://www.artandsciencejournal.com/shop

Written by Kat Jette — August 14, 2013

summer events: Mud Oven

Starting June 11, some of my work will be featured at The Mud Oven!

1065 Bank Street (Old Ottawa South)

Ottawa, Ontario

Come check out some of my new pieces, and have some family friendly fun at this wonderful facility! 

For more info, check out their website here: The Mud Oven

Written by Kat Jette — June 04, 2013